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Utilizing recent advances in technology, with myLink4Life a person can, with or without help, easily take their own health measurements and have them instantly and effortlessly preserved in a secure location via the internet. Because these measurements are sent and stored automatically, the accuracy of the stored readings is assured. As these vital measurements are taken on a routine basis, MyLink4Life assembles a track record of measurements that over time can show whether or not that area of a person’s health is improving - or if it’s staying the same. This series of measurements will then form a trend that a person, patient, or health practitioner can use as feedback to determine what the possible actions are that are causing changes in one’s condition, or decide what medications or diet or activity changes can be advised to bring about improvements.

MyLink4Life not only gives the health practitioner instant access to valuable information about one’s condition, it also gives one's family and friends the opportunity to participate and assist in the monitoring of the condition.

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